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Gym outing and other updates

Tough Mudder 10K

This past weekend a few us went to Budds Creek and ran a 10k Tough Mudder. We had a blast, worked together as a team to tackle the obstacles, and jumped in some really cold water. All in all a pretty good day really. The team work aspect was my favorite part by far. No one was left behind, the whole group stayed together the entire time.

Upcoming event - Burpees for Charity

On Friday November 18th at 6pm we will be holding a two hour event at our gym to raise $ and awareness for The Wounded Warrior Projects National Veterans and Military Families Month. I've been told the goal is 830 burpees through the month of November. Our goal is to complete the burpees in one day.

Coach Kyle is shooting to complete all the burpees within the 2 hour time frame, possibly an hour. My personal goal is to do them throughout the day and complete the final 830 reps during our event. You can also split the burpees up between multiple people!

All are welcome.

We are partnering with Steel Athletics a gym in Guam that Coach Kyle used to train at to complete these. As we start at 6 pm Friday here in St. Marys County they will be staring at 8am Saturday their time.

Hoodies are in

More hoodies have arrived. We are placing orders for more rash guards now! Don't miss out, let us know your size and the amoiunt!

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