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Breaking Jiu Jitsu into Chunks

This is a strategy for learning BJJ more quickly. There are many ways to approach learning BJJ, at Stmarysbjj we don't discriminate. We do encourage methods we know work.

A good example of this would be:

1) Chunking movements. You can improve drastically by working on movements that can be used for multiple techniques. For instance working on your pendulum motion from guard can help you with the sweep and armbars, and omoplatas. So just working this one movement you can improve multiple areas. This is also considered a Critical Improvement Area.

2) Chunking Techniques together. Sometimes referred to as creating a system. Sticking with the pendulum motion you can hit the pendulum sweep and depending on your opponents reactions you can attack an armbar (at least two actually), an omoplata, and even a back take. This is all to say once you have one down you can chunk in these other attacks making your bjj game exponentially better.

Chunking is a good thing. Try it out and get back to us. Contact us for a free BJJ class in St. Mary's County, Maryland.

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